What is the Southwellness Difference?

Our practice has been built off a concierge model to bring white-glove care to all our patients. For those interested in our Wellness Program, we currently offer a free 15-minute consultation to begin to build the foundation of an individualized plan. Following this, we spend 60 minutes in consultation with each patient to build a comprehensive long-term strategy for maximal health and wellness billed to insurance or cash if we don't accept your plan. For those with medical challenges needing intervention and management fast, we can usually see new patients within 72 business hours.

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“Dr. Southwell is absolutely incredible! Professional and takes pride in patient care and relationships. When I met Dr. Southwell I had been sick for a while. All the previous doctors said nothing was wrong with me. Dr. Southwell did every test until he figured out my issue. He has continued to keep up with my patient care and will check in from time to time. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone who is looking for a primary doctor.”

We deliver care both in our clinic and telemedically. Our team is also available to do house visits for consultations, IV therapy, blood draws, and more.
Our services are not limited to Arizona. Our patients are from all over the US and the world. We also offer competitive pricing for those whose insurance we don’t accept.
When needed, we will coordinate and expedite your care with our extensive network of partners and specialists. Contact


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