What is Concierge Medicine?

Also known as “luxury medical care,” this is a retainer-based model, where you have 24/7 access to your physician (Tyler Southwell, MD) for a flat fee. You get the best-of-the-best care by a physician who intimately knows your health history and goals and is personally available to you – when you need them!

“Dr. Southwell is absolutely incredible! Professional and takes pride in patient care and relationships. When I met Dr. Southwell I had been sick for a while. All the previous doctors said nothing was wrong with me. Dr. Southwell did every test until he figured out my issue. He has continued to keep up with my patient care and will check in from time to time. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone who is looking for a primary doctor.”

Concierge medicine is ideal for busy business executives and fast-scaling entrepreneurs, as well as active retirees who make health and wellness a top priority.
We offer special packages for Arizona snowbirds. Coordinating with your other health care providers, we ensure you get seamless, integrated healthcare -- wherever you are!
For our rates and scope of services, please contact Dr. Southwell for a private consultation. He is accepting a very limited number of new patients. Contact


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