What is Southwellness?

What is Southwellness?

Southwellness is a personal-physician, limited-volume practice that does not participate with insurance.  My goal is to build relationships with members with a focus on humanism and responsiveness, and help patients maintain dignity in the face of health and wellness challenges. Finding a doctor you can trust to be there when you need them, to spend the time it takes to empower you, who will treat you like family in a real sense is not even an expectation most people dare to have anymore.  The goal of Southwellness is to change the paradigm of what primary care can be.

We enjoy treating newborns to elders with any and all medical challenges.

The goal of Southwellness is to change the paradigm of what primary care can be



I started my career in medicine in undergrad leading my pre-med pals and myself to become certified nurse aids. As we all approached the MCAT, I got us hooked up to a prep course, which they asked me to teach after the pre-assessment exam. I promptly got my money back. However, caring for people at the level of nurse-aid was HARD, and although I felt the call to medicine, I decided I could not apply to medical school without exploring what caring for the ill means at this most basic, intimate level and learn to love it. I spent the next two years working in people’s homes, and then in the hospital, doing bed baths and everything else you can imagine. I learned the importance of that intimate space you enter when caring for someone vulnerable, and the importance of compassion and respect for their human dignity in that vulnerable state above all.

“Those experiences formed the foundation for my passion ​for the healing arts.”

​For medical school, I chose Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan given the strength of the clinical experience the city and its beautiful people offered compared to the other programs I was accepted to. I found time to become a student leader, and got politically active advocating for our students, program, and community. It all culminated with raising enough money and support to launch a student run free clinic to support the uninsured in that community which continues to be a source of pride at WSU SOM.

It turned out I liked everything in medical school, and have always loved working with my hands.  I was a competitive student, and fought for a spot in Urology which I got in Toledo, OH.  I had a great time there, learning from some amazing pediatric, general and plastic surgeons not to mention the urologists I had the fortune to work under.  However, I continued to have fantasies of being that village general practice doctor, and maybe change the world through public health efforts.  I made the choice to change specialties, and was fortunate to be able to get a spot outside the general match at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  I was offered credit for the time spent in my first year, which I did not accept and finished a full 3 years of residency in Family Medicine.  I owe a great deal to my mentors there, and at the University of Toledo for what I now know was an uncommonly rich training experience.

After residency, I worked in a Detroit Emergency Room, then a free clinic in Ann Arbor. I then felt the itch to take a medical spirit journey and took a job in Alaska. I headed to Bethal, Alaska, where I had the most amazing and enhancing experience of my career to date. I was the everything doctor, working the emergency room, operating room, caring for the hospitalized patients, and delivering the region’s babies. I was responsible for 15,000 people every shift, fielding far-flung villages crises while juggling the sick patients in front of me. It was amazing.

​I came to Arizona first through a temporary job working with the Gila River Tribe, near Levine, Arizona. My wife and I fell in love with this place, and decided to stay. I took a job in Gold Canyon, as a medical director of a great staff. When that experience ended, it opened a new chapter and brought me to Phoenix where I have been putting down permanent roots in the community.

Private Client Services

Comprehensive Evaluation and Management
At initiation, you will have your entire health history reviewed in the context of your current wellness status. All of your medical records will be obtained and reviewed with you in detail. The foundation of your wellness includes: assessing your energy, body composition, musculoskeletal assessment, sleep, mental function and mind-body connection issues, sexual health, existential well being, wellness risk assessment and more. Goals are established for your wellness future, this visit takes at least one hour. My record of this in-depth review and assessment will be provided with a roadmap plan to wellness.  The plan will be as multi-faceted as needed to get you to your goals, and you will have the undivided, extended attention of a top doctor overseeing everything.
Telemedical Consults
Southwellness offers 24/7 availability to our members for emergencies, and appointments can be done in many cases over the phone and through video teleconference when needed.
Office Visit
 You will enjoy our warm, healing environment. The Southwellness practice location is not your typical clinical environment. Given our exclusivity and limited member number, you will not wait for your appointment.
Mediator Release Testing
This is the latest generation test to determine what foods you eat that cause or contribute to basic inflammatory response in the system. These non-allergic food reactivities can diminish even someone who feels ok.  By letting this information guide your diet choices, you will feel BETTER.  Either way, we find this information essential to treat make well in a holistic way, and is also mandatory.
Comprehensive Genetic Assessments
We test all for the most well-researched, actionable genes currently available.  We have developed proprietary processes for this, and find the additional layer of complex information gives essential understanding into your basic physiology.  Wellness planning, and intervention on health challenges now and in your future may not be maximal without this information, so this is mandatory for all new clients.
Care Coordination
We will work with your schedule to make everything happen.
Hospitalization/Emergency Care
If you are admitted, or need to visit the ER, we will coordinate your care to ensure you receive the best care by making sure your team knows you and your concerns, and ensure that you understand everything happening.
In-Home / Office Blood Draws
On your schedule with our team of professionals RN’s.
Home Visits
Our goal is to treat you in your place of comfort and strength, if and when you need that.
In-hospital Consultations
I will come to your bedside and discuss your inpatient teams care-plan with you, examine you, etc. I do not have hospital privileges anywhere, but that does not mean I, as your primary doctor, will not be get you to your goals, and you will have the undivided, extended attention of a top doctor overseeing everything.
Other Benefits
Southwellness partners with a wide variety of talented providers to bring you the best diagnostics, consultants, etc. Please see our ancillary service list.

Ancillary Services

In-home consults, procedures, and tele-derm consults as needed.
Cosmetic Derm
Southwellness has several well-trained medical providers that come to you, or you to them for botox or fillers.
Travel Medicine
Southwellness has directorship of Arcadia Travel Clinic. These consults can be brought to you in your home as well.
Lung Testing
In-home pulmonary function testing.
Whole/Superfood Meal Planning Service
An online service can be arranged for you and your family. Weekly grocery lists are provided, as well as 20 minute recipes for every day. Learn to feed you and your family.
Metabolic Rate Testing VO2 Max
What is your basal metabolic rate? What calorie goals should I shoot for? What is my fitness level? All can be done in your home.
Personalized Nutrition
Personal 1:1 support for weight management is available.  Our Nutritionist is excellent, and can design a diet plan around your genetics, and medical goals and issues.
Personalized Fitness
Our team, led by Jim Gibson, Kinesiologist, can assist in pairing you with the right local personal trainer to work our old injuries, strengthen, and assist you in reaching your body composition and health goals.
Cardiovascular Testing
In Home: -Low risk stress testing, ECG -Echo cardiograms: heart structure evaluation -Carotid, Aorta, and Blood Flow Testing/screening In Community: -best cardiology consults -full cardiac advanced testing, and risk assessments for prevention.
Brain/Nerve Testing
EEG and nerve conduction testing.


We Make Genetic Information Transformative

We collect the most potent, well-researched, and actionable genes possible. We then use our PROPRIETARY, INDIVIDUALIZED PROCESS to reveal vital information on your basic physiology, risks, and can develop a treatment and wellness strategy with precision. We believe that you really can’t get the most well-informed medical advice on treatment, prevention, exercise, weight management, nutrition or supplements without this information.  Dr Southwell recommends this for all his patients.


Combining Your Goals/Challenges, Genetics, and Next-Gen Micronutrient/Hormone and Other Advanced Testing

The incredible, cutting-edge, holistic 360 degree evaluations and solutions we’ve developed through our Private Physician Practice SHOULD BE AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE – which we’ve been working on for over a year.

We do a 15 minute consult on the phone to identify your health challenges, and where you’ve been and where you’d like to go.

  • We aggressively obtain all of your records to inform the consult to come.
  • We test as we mutually agree would benefit you, all testing done via in-home/office blood draw if desired at no charge:
    • Comprehensive or targeted genetic testing for general physiology, cancer, or pharmacogenetics.
    • Micronutrient testing to identify functional or absorption-related deficiencies.
    • Hormone balance testing.
    • Advanced imaging and cardiac-risk testing if indicated.
    • Physical/Comprehensive Kinesiological testing through our partner Southwellness Fit.


2 hours scheduled to review and examine EVERYTHING with Dr. Southwell at our office at Tatum/Shea.  This includes not only your records and results, but a deeper dive into how your lifestyle, and environment may have affected you, your sleep, nutrition patterns, your mental health, spiritual life, and sex life.  This also includes, of course, a comprehensive physical exam.
  • We fondly refer to this as “The Roadmap to Happiness.”  We create a comprehensive report summarizing all the data, the conclusions, and a multistep plan to execute from there for each health challenge and/or goal.
    • Includes a personalized lifestyle plan:
      • Macro/Micronutrient directions and solutions with support options.
      • Personalized, therapeutic physical exercise plan.
      • Medical Challenges assessment based on state of the research for your problem, with direction on multiple next steps to improve things.
      • Referrals to TOP PROVIDERS across the Valley, the State, and the Nation as desired, or indicated.


10599 N Tatum Blvd, Suite F151 Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

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